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My Psoriasis Story:

My Psoriasis Relief StoryMy Name is Dr. Gregg-Allen Medeiros, and I am 40 years old. My life with Psoriasis began at the very young age of 7. Like many childhood onsets of Psoriasis, my outbreaks began with what is called the Koebner’s Phenomenon. Basically, Koebner’s Phenomenon is the onset of Psoriatic lesions due to trauma to the skin. One day, while playing, I skinned my knee. My Mother thought nothing of it, just bandaged me up, and sent me on my way. However, the wound never healed. My Mother, being the nervous Mom that she is, immediately took me to my Pediatrician thinking I may have diabetes. He assured her, I was not a diabetic, but notified her that I had Psoriasis.

Much has been learned recently about the causes of Psoriasis. There were so many unknowns, and now they have even isolated the genome responsible for it. As a medical community, we are probably decades away from gene therapy, especially when it comes to Psoriasis. Some of the newest research has found one of the triggers to be Streptococcal bacterial infections. I was often plagued by these infections as a child. Psoriasis is a complicated autoimmune disease, meaning, it is not contagious, and it is a manifestation of one’s own immune system attacking self.

Now, even at a young age, you can understand that this condition is not normal. My Mother tried to tell me that Psoriasis occurred because I was very healthy. A lie, but then again, I was only 7 years old. Treatment for Psoriasis at that time (roughly 1979 or 1980), consisted of topical steroids and coal tar treatments. I want to make it abundantly clear in this story that I will be mentioning an awful lot of drugs. Some of these medications have many good points, but also many bad points. But it wasn’t until I was given the chance to use Neuroquell in 2012, that I am, for the first time in my life, in full remission, and free of Psoriasis lesions and the devastating sequelae effects of Psoriatic Arthritis.

All topical steroid medications have unfortunate side effects including the raising of blood glucose, and the premature thinning of the skin. My earliest years of Psoriasis therapy consisted of multiple applications per day of steroid crèmes and ointments. Then the wrapping of my extremities in plastic wrap, in order to keep the medication on my skin and off my bedsheets, or clothing. Unfortunately, this created a very uncomfortable sleeping situation, with severe itching, and severe sweating. This situation also created an unfortunate side-effect of Psoriasis, Depression. I remember many times even in my early years, asking God, WHY? Why me? Why this disease? I wasn’t normal, I didn’t feel normal, I didn’t look normal. Other children were horrible to me. I was often ridiculed and called names. Often being asked if I had Poison Ivy. (BTW, it doesn’t even look the same) I was often asked to stay away from other kids by their parents. I think it was safe to say, I wished for an early death, so I didn’t have to deal with this anymore. With the onset of puberty, the symptoms and skin lesions worsened. It’s difficult enough to go through your teenage years with pimples and acne (which by the way, I had to a severe degree as well), but to be afflicted with scaly lesions all over the body, including the genitalia, and perianal region, was humiliating.

My Father, the strongest, and wisest man I know, was the one who helped me the most with my condition, and he continues to be not only my mentor, but my hero. I call him Superman. He was the one who began to search out other therapies for me to try. He knew how miserable the condition was making me. He even went so far as to bring me to Boston, to be seen by an OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) whom, at great expense to my father, smuggled into the country herbs used to make a paste, which was applied to my body in the hopes of a cure. Did it work, no, but it was a good try. At that time, I believe I was afflicted with lesions on approximately 70% of my body.

Then came the Phototherapy years. Phototherapy involves the application of Ultraviolet A rays to the body by standing in a tanning booth, with Medical UVA bulbs. Yes, these are the same rays that cause Skin Cancer. But for years, I spent time in these booths, greased up in Mineral Oil, standing in the lights. Did it work, no. It is amazing how much caution you will throw to the wind, when all you desire is to be normal. Even the risks of the treatments (Cancer / death) didn’t scare me.

In 1984, I began to use a drug called Cyclosporin. A drug commonly used by Kidney Transplant patients to help against rejection of the organ. This is where the doctors and scientists began to see a correlation between Immune Suppression and the treatment of Psoriasis. I cannot say with any accuracy, but my hunch is that a man or woman who had a kidney transplant, also had Psoriasis, and the Cyclosporin therapy put the skin condition into remission. Other than the assumption that it “may” help to clear my skin, I cannot remember why I was placed upon this drug at such a young age (this drug is even dangerous for adults) However, I do remember the most horrible side effect of this medication, high blood pressure. Once again, in the midst of all kinds of side effects, which include strokes, heart attack, and death, I took it. Without question. I was looking for a miracle. Did it work, no.

I went through a period of many years, where I simply did nothing about my skin’s condition. Then a new drug appeared on the market called Soriatane. It is a Vitamin A derivative in the same family and class of drug as Accutane (a drug commonly used for Acne, yep, I was on that too). This drug had dangerous side effects, and significant Cardiovascular risks associated with it. I stayed on Soriatane for many years, basically throwing caution to the wind regarding the medication’s safety. Along with this drug, I also took Methotrexate, a very potent Anti-neoplasm (Cancer) drug. Basically, I was being treated for cancer to treat my Psoriasis. My hair fell out, and was thinned dramatically, and I began to have very abnormal blood work, including severely high Blood Lipids, and Liver Function Tests.

In the early 2000s came the Injectable Biologic Medications. Remicade, Enbrel, Humira, and Stelara. Yes, I tried all of them!!! This class of drugs acts to shut down the Immune System, namely the exact cellular messengers responsible for the destruction of Cancer Cells in the Human Body. Remicade nearly killed me. I was the first line of IV infusion drugs, first used to Rheumatoid Arthritis. But, as you guessed it, it worked on Psoriasis. The infusion took nearly five to six hours, and your blood pressure had to be monitored every thirty minutes. The effect on the immune system was so severe on Remicade, that the common cold nearly killed me. After Remicade, I gave my immune system a break from all these drugs. But as vanity plays out, I went back to them, this time was Enbrel. This drug’s side effects were not as devastating as Remicade, but illness still occurred. This drug had to be injected into the abdomen once a week, and was tremendously expensive.

After the birth of my daughter, six years ago, I decided that I had to stop these medications that could potentially kill me. Did any of these drugs work, no!!! They just made me sicker, and if I stopped them, the lesions would come back more severe.

Through either the most magnificent stroke of luck or the intervention of God, I was able to try Neuroquell. Did it work, YES!!!!!! For the first time in my life I am free of all prescription drug use regarding my Psoriasis. But it did take a little investigating, and working with the application times to find its best results. The application of Neuroquell took six to eight weeks to clear my skin completely. What kind of side effects, well you do smell a bit minty, and you have to vacuum a lot more (due to the scales coming off in sheets). There are two formulations, cream and liquid. The cream is tremendously soothing, not only does it moisturize, and clear the Psoriatic lesions, but there is a tremendous warming sensation, that eradicated my symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis. Personally, I found the liquid roll-on application to be a bit stronger, but just as effective.

I am a Chiropractic Physician, and my hands are my livelihood. The visible lesions on my hands are gone, and the pain I felt in my wrists, and fingers due to Psoriatic arthritis, are gone as well. As a Doctor, we like to think that Miracles can occur, but they are not very likely. Neuroquell has given me the life, and the skin, and the healing that I waited over 30 years for. To me this product is a miracle.

Here is how I did it. First I remembered Hippocrates (The Father of Modern Medicine) who said…” when dealing with problems of the skin, look to the gut”. I decided to clean up my gut, what I mean by this is… Eating healthier, and drinking more water (a challenge for me). It helped, definitely. My application times were, morning and evening. Be prepared, if your lesions are guttate and very thick, expect shedding of skin, more than you have ever experienced. Listen to your skin, as patients of Psoriasis; we know the best application times. If you have any mild irritation, do not despair, just breathe, and adjust your application times. Neuroquell is very strong, and some fine-tuning may be necessary.

Long story short, Neuroquell WORKS. Not only does it help with minor aches and pain, but it clears Psoriatic lesions. Neuroquell does not act upon the immune system to suppress its healing capabilities. In my experience, I have taken numerous medications, which have probably shortened my life. But the most current and available research has begun to show that this condition is treatable. The only problem is the fact that the devastating side-effects of the drugs available, are not worth the risk. These drugs have indefinitely shortened my life, and put my health in severe risk. Neuroquell is not a drug, it has natural formulations that have one major advantage over all the drugs on the market today, IT WORKS!!!!

It can be summed up very quickly, it worked for me, it can work for you. Stop suffering, and start living. Thank you for reading my story. It did have a happy ending.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS:

I know I don’t have to explain to anyone how hard it is to be working as a coal miner 300 feet below the ground 8 miles back inside. The work environment was hard, very labor extensive, and fast-paced, many times, more than I can count when the urge came to do number two, I always kept my toilet paper handy I would go as fast as possible and take care of business and sometimes well…I just didn’t get lucky. It’s not like you’re working at Walmart or a factory or somewhere that’s got a restroom.

My name is Kim Richno I am 65 years old. I want to tell you about Neuroquell Plus, this topical pain reliever has affected my life in such a positive way it truly is amazing. I am a retired underground coal miner, my wife had endometriosis, and through the Endometriosis Foundation, she learned about Neuroquell Plus for the pain she was experiencing.

In 1976 at 21 years old my coal-mining career started, by the year of 2005, I believe that’s when I started having IBS problems. In 2010, I found out about the topical pain reliever Neuroquell Plus and decided to give it a try, and I have to be truthful I was skeptical at first but I knew I had to do this, I had tried over-the-counter stuff, I went to the doctor they prescribed me some stuff I just didn’t like the side effects that came with it.

So I figured what the heck it’s all-natural it’s worth a shot. So one night before bed, I took out the bottle of Neuroquell Plus & omega-3 oil capsules, we had some syringes because we take care of animals – I took one of the syringes out of the package and took out the omega-3 oil and replaced it with Neuroquill-Plus, I took two of the capsules with a couple of drinks of water went to bed. I figured I had no choice – either I try this or continue down this path with shit in my pants, and possibly getting fired at work so I did it then I went to lay down. As I lay there with my head on the pillow, I did feel a difference in about 15 minutes. It felt like I swallowed a couple of ice cubes my stomach begin to get cold on the inside I want to sleep. In the morning I woke up to a normal day, and everything worked fine.

I took two capsules every day before bed then one in the morning and one at night after two weeks. I used it for a few months this way. I’ve never taken anymore and I’ve been fine since then after years of this problem.

I am 100% sure that Neuroquell Plus took care of the IBS. Thank you for taking the time to read the story and thank everyone and especially Neuroquell Plus for making my life normal.