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Neuroquell Plus® Cream


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Temporary relief from severe muscle and joint discomfort.

Neuroquell Plus® Cream has been shown to minimize joint discomfort in both small and large joints and is packaged in both 1/3 oz and 3 oz plastic jars.

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Neuroquell Plus® Cream
Temporary relief from severe muscle and joint discomfort.

Neuroquell Plus® Cream has been shown to minimize joint discomfort in both small and large joints. By applying just a small amount relief is felt. Neuroquell Plus ® Cream not only feels wonderful but is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal.

Neuroquell Plus® Cream is packaged in both 1/3 oz and 3 oz plastic jars.

It is formulated as Neuroquell Plus® as its base and is “thickened” with the addition of imported beeswax from Australia and a slight bit of Borax is added to the mix to give it a “creamy” texture which makes it easier to spread.

Why use “the cream”?
“The cream” works great for the relief of arthritic and fingers and joints
Many athletes use the cream for sore elbows and knee joint
Others with arthritis in their hands have shared that applying a small amount in the morning relieves their achiness for the rest of the day.
One client has shared with us that the small 1/3 oz jar lasted her months as she only needed to use a tiny amount. This woman had a squamous cell diagnosis, the doctor had done a biopsy and wanted to dig out further, but as this was on the area above her breast area this client shared with us that since she had some of the Neuroquell Plus cream she began to apply a teeny amount twice per day and within a week the area had filled in with healthy tissue. She just informed us, 7 years later, that all she needed to do was apply the cream and there has been no problem since. She called us to let us know that her husband has some type of rash that is so itchy he needs to take an antihistamine to sleep and that the only thing they have found that stops the itching and the redness on the skin is applying a very thin layer of the Neuroquell Plus Cream.


Many of the users of the cream have reported back to us that by applying Neuroquell Plus® liquid to the area of discomfort and then waiting 3-4 minutes to let the liquid “dry” and then applying a very thin layer of Neuroquell Plus ® Cream over the liquid it enhanced the “painkilling” effect by as much as 30-40%.

The peppermint scent is greatly reduced in the cream form.Active ingredients: Calendula absolute (Calendula officinalis flower extract)

Inactive ingredients: Beesway, Borax, Cornmint oil (Mentha arvensis, leave extract), Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil),White camphor (Cinnamomum camphora wood oil), Pennyroyal oil (Mentha pelegium herb oil), Sweet almond oil organic (prunus amygdalus dulcis oil), Mineral oil (USP grade), Orange oil (Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed), Coriander seed oil (Coriandrum sativum fruit oil)

What you will feel: Most users experience a warm or tingling sensation on the application area.

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Weight .25 oz

1/3 ounce, 3 ounce

2 reviews for Neuroquell Plus® Cream

  1. Bonnie

    I purchased a small jar of the Neuroquell Plus Cream many years ago, not sure what I was going to use it for. Shortly after I got it I had a small area above my left breast that was diagnosed as a squamous cell, the dermatologist had taken a biopsy and boy did it look awful. She wanted me to get surgery so I decided to try this “magic cream” and within a week the entire area was healed. It’s been about 7 years later and I am good. I’m since used it on different skin ailments such as this eczema spot that comes and goes and it gets super itchy when it is around, just a tiny application of Neuroquell Plus cream and the itch disappears. I love this stuff.

  2. Linda Cherry

    Neuroquell Plus Cream is my go-to item for sunburns and pain relief. I discovered, after a sunburn, that nothing else was giving me relief and then decided to put the cream on ( I use this product for my neck pain), and immediately it took away the pain as well as I did not even peel.

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