Inflammation and Pain Relief

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For the past 30 years, scientist Roger Salmonson has been working on an all-natural FDA-registered product whose active ingredient is calendula oil. All the ingredients in our formula are on the FDA’s GRAS list (generally regarded as safe for a food additive).

I’m the guy behind Menastil, ProSirona, Neuroquell and Neuroquell Plus and I’m just a scientist. I’ve been involved with this since 1996 and we established a company called Atlantic Management Resources. That company is responsible for all the major research that we’re doing now. Our mission statement is we want to have excellence in pain research. 

My background has been in physics, law, nuclear physics and more. I spent a lot of time in Miami at one of the big research centers  in 1996. The mission was to find a way to cause nerve endings to separate from each other.  The reason we wanted to do that is we wanted to put a magnetic field around the nerve cell itself. Nerve cells typically look like this these funny little things here are called axons. And the next one, they come very, very close together. This little space here is called the synapse.

When you have pain, there’s a little piece of electrical energy; if I go like this, I can feel it in my brain. But what really happens is that electrical energy goes down and goes into one nerve cell down the axons jumps across that little synapse here back to the next one, all the way up into your brain. And that’s how you feel, pain.

So the theory was and we were doing research on spinal cord regeneration, people who have severe injuries, I think you probably might remember Chris Reeves, the fellow who was Superman at that time. He was down here when I was doing all this research and our prior research was to see and to use him not really as a guinea pig, but because of his connections and friends. They came forth with with a lot of money and allowed us to do some experimentation that perhaps we never would have been able to do so.

To make a long story short, we found a way to cause nerve endings to separate like this. And when they separated, they made this odd shape, which you cannot put a magnet field around look like this, and I call it a potato. And so once you get it in this shape, you can put a magnetic field around and put a magnetic field around this one. And this would be a negative charge, magnetic field. This would be a positive charge, magnetic field.

And again, the thought behind it was, if you get a negative here and a positive here, you know what happens when you put two magnets together. If you turn them right, they’re going to attract each other. If you turn them the wrong way, we’re negative against negative or positive against positive. Positive they’re going to pull apart like this. We wanted to go together. So the nerve endings that had been severed from the normal nerve canal would actually cause because of the magnetic field, cause the come together and they actually could grow together using some of the technologies that we developed at the time.

So I was involved with the preliminary research and doing all of that. And we found that what caused this nerve endings to separate like this was an active molecule in calendula oil and the oil has been known for centuries to cause the relief of pain. But the issue was it caused relief, but just a little bit. So we looked at it. We found the molecule that actually caused that pain relief. We managed to separate it or isolate it in a way and present it to the nerve endings so that now, rather than just move a little bit like this, it caused them to go like that. And that was a big, big deal for us. And that took almost six years of research to do that. And why we’re explaining what we did accomplish in front of a big group of scientists. My secretary at the time said, you know, if that causes a release of the molecules and she got it it all mixed up anyway, what she was saying was, if you can cause the separation from those nerve cells from one to the other, pain can get to your brain. And if you put it in the right area, you’re going to cause that to happen.

Why wouldn’t that happen on my menstrual cramps? And she sort of said it out loud a little bit and was embarrassing at the time. And she didn’t mean any harm. And everybody looked at me like, you know, tell her to be quiet for a while. So after she you know, you scientists think you know everything. But menstrual cramps is a big thing for women. You guys don’t even think about that. So anyway, we made her up to make a long story short again, we made her up some calendula oil She tried some on her menstrual cramps right on her abdomen. And within a period of about three minutes, the menstrual cramps disappeared.

And that began this whole thing about we discovered something that was pretty unique, uniquely different from anything else that was on the market. And by the way, aspirin causes the same exact thing to happen. It causes the axons to separate and everyone uses aspirin. Aspirin, as you know, causes major, major problems with the digestive track and a lot of other things that we don’t have to get into now.

But it’s not a smart thing to use a lot of aspirin because it will cause eventual death, excessive bleeding and lots of crazy things. So anyway, we thought we had something that was really unique. It was extremely safe to use. We mixed some other things up and just to get the smell away from it. And the other ingredients are all natural, pure, essential oils. There’s a little bit of mineral oil in there and we use that for other technical reasons. But other than that, it’s just pure, essential oils. Every ingredient in the product is on the FDA’s GRAS list, (generally regarded as safe as a food additive) and probably all of us here use at least two or three of these ingredients every single day. You know, they use them as thickening agents in perfumes, they are used as additives to food stabilizes all of them. So the history of the safeness of this as far as digesting it, goes way back 40, 50 years. So we still have to do a lot more research on determined toxicology if it’s induced directly into the bloodstream and a lot of other research that we have to do.

But in the meantime, we developed a product called Menastil, and that’s what’s used for menstrual cramps. You put on just a little, it’s on a little rollerball on how you apply it. Very simple to do. It’s not going to spill. You don’t have to use very much of it. And as a matter of fact, an eighth ounce bottle and it’s only about the size of a tube of lipstick and eighth ounce bottle will cover an area bigger than the palm of your hand 26 times. There’s a lot of usage. So, you know, and it’s very expensive. And I’ve got to tell you that right from the beginning, at least by my standards, and I’m not a rich guy, but it’s very expensive only because of the way we have to make and expose the active molecule that we call the catalyst.

So one of these days, we’re going to get smart and find a simple way to do it, and we’ll be able to reduce the price hopefully by 50 percent. But right now, and probably for the next five or six years, that’s the way it is. So we’ve been looking at creating other products. We found a way to put this in a cream form. And my goodness, it just works so nice in its beeswax. And believe it or not, it comes from Australia the beeswax does. And we can put some of the Calendula oil into the beeswax along with the other ingredients, and you can mix it up. So it’s a nice loose kind of cream. You can put this all over your hands. It’s great for chapped hands too, by the way, but arthritic hands, elbows, knees, just rubbing it in with that cream or with the regular oil, if you will, works just absolutely fantastic. And that’s not me talking. That’s other people that have been telling me this. But you want to try this. If you got a pain and it doesn’t matter where it is going to be here on your hip, your ankle, just put a little bit this on and just sit back and think where that pain is and what’s happening to it. You’ll feel a difference in about three seconds. Three seconds. It’s not very long. It takes a probably its maximum time to develop, probably no more than eight or ten minutes.

And once that happens, people say, well, it smells a little like peppermint. And, you know, I don’t want this. I don’t want that. So you can reduce or get rid of the scent purely by getting some plain water, just washing it off of the face towel. That’s the end of it. But you don’t wash the ingredient off and it works just as well, so. The research part of this whole thing, that’s my specialty and that’s what I really enjoy doing, and it’s not sales and marketing. With all due respect, everybody and we will continue doing that and we’re going to have our own lab up probably within a year. We’re going to get into a lot of toxicology tests and we’re finding that this product has some very strong anti-inflammatory characteristics and it also has some other characteristics that we’re studying right now. So one of the things that we want to be sure that everybody understands this is not an end all do all for all pain in the world.

There’s some types of pain that we cannot stop they are so severe and we don’t want to get into spinal application or anything like this, at least not right now. But we’re looking at so many other directions that go in and that’s my thing. So we have had a lot of experience in reducing pain and eliminating pain and a lot of people all over the world, thousands and thousands and thousands of them. And we’re going to try to figure out how many applications we had. It’s in the tens of millions. This as far as me I’m getting older, I want to do something with it so we’re going to get into the promotion of this. There are a lot of new applications.

We don’t want you to look at this as a snake oil. It does cause the release of pain, any kind of pain because of the way it works, just like aspirin. Just keep that in the back of your mind and we hope that you all get an opportunity to try it. We thank you for your interest. I’m more than happy to answer any kind of technical questions.

Calendula oil has been used for many decades, as a blood coagulate, antiseptic, skin growth activator and anti-inflammatory agent. It does its job well but I felt there must be a way to make calendula oil into an even more effective and “stronger product”.

He began his quest by carefully examining the molecular chain and after 4 years of intensive research noticed that there was one particular molecule in the chain that gave calendula its broad range of unique characteristics.  Roger spent an additional 3 years and managed to isolate that unique molecule.  We used extreme outside energy to reposition that particular molecule within the original chain.  The results were fascinating.  The formula has now increased its strength and efficacy by at least 10-fold.  We methodically lab tested to see what we had created and much to our surprise we developed an all-natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that was more effective in stopping inflammation than any other product on today’s market. Keep in mind that 97% of all diseases worldwide are caused from inflammation.

We continued our investigative research and discovered that our “new” product behaved quite differently when we repositioned the active molecule in a slightly different position within its own molecular chain.

A few of these new findings:

The list goes on and on.

The application of Neuroquell Plus is endless, safe to use and registered with the FDA, etc.  All the ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS list (Generally Regarded Safe as a Food Additive) All MSDS sheets are in place.

By actually altering the molecular structure of the oil through a proprietary process that was years and millions of dollars in the making, calendula oil for pain reliefSalmonson discovered that the calendula oil, when combined with certain other natural oils and essences, can reduce many forms of pain and inflammation.

Our products are applied topically, and work by inhibiting or stopping the nerve impulse signals as they travel from one nerve to another. “We found a safe, reliable way to cause the nerve endings of these cells to separate from one another, and “retreat” towards their own cell bodies. And since all pain-inducing nerve cells function in the same way, it doesn’t matter where the pain is located–since it is working on the nerves in the area applied.”

User testimony has noted that our products have relieved neck, back, arm, knee, leg and shoulder pain, neuralgia, shingles, arthritis, neuropathies, headaches and migraines, bursitis, bee stings, bug bites and more. Salmonson has sold literally tens of thousands of bottles to pain sufferers throughout the world, from Australia to Arkansas, solely through word-of-mouth promotion and these testimonials.

“My focus for the past 15 years has been to develop topical application for both chronic and acute pain relief that does not have the side effects or costs associated with many of today’s most popular prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers. Our growth is so exciting, in part because it validates my hopes, and in part because it eases pain and relieves inflammation.”

- Roger Salmonson

We were recently recognized by the FDA as a Botanical over the counter (OTC) drug.

The name of our company is Atlantic Management Resource Ltd., dba Best Pain Relief. The product line name is Claire Ellen Products named after Salmonson’s mother, Claire, and mother in law, Ellen. Roger Salmonson is the sole owner and has been in business for 34 years. Atlantic Management Resource, Ltd. is the research portion of our business and Best Pain Relief is the website. Our emphasis is on reducing and eliminating inflammation as 97% of all diseases are caused by inflammation.